About Us

The LAM Health Project (LHP) was created to embrace a more radical form of science; a patient-centered, patient directed approach to data gathering, observation and assessment both in conjunction with and outside of traditional science, patient by patient.  Truly a n of 1 approach to research and healing.

While academic research continues, LHP is committed to helping women understand what they already know about their own health; when they feel better, how they modulate the course, and dive into the questions they ask themselves and others about patterns they see/feel/experience.  We will help surface insights about the course of their own disease and in doing so, share these observations, queries and results with a highly connected  community of patients, clinicians, researchers and family/friends.

We will continue developing tools that bring us closer to patient impact by expanding our focus to include the lifestyle and environmental factors that may be contributing to how women with LAM maintain health and prevent/ stop disease progression. By bringing patients better tools to inventory and track their own everyday health outcomes and helping to aggregate, curate and query that individual and community data in smart ways, we will help to support patients in getting their own personalized health information and the ability to potentially feel better potentially much faster than new clinical trials come on tap. This is an exciting more personalized approach to supporting patient health and wellness that is still married to and complementary to scientific discovery in exciting ways that builds on our past investment.