Personalized Health-Tracking System

We have partnered with a technology company we who has built a web based platform, also accessible via mobile devices, where you decide what aspects of your health and lifestyle you feel are important to track. This tool provides you with the ability to see what others in the community are also saying about similar things and to seek answers through personal data gathering, visualization, and exploration.

This platform has the capability to assemble data from a variety of sources–tracking devices, sensors, DNA, microbiome, environment–and provides graphing, visualization and statistical tools to discover and share hypotheses and potential correlations. Our mission is to help people improve the quality of their lives through data exploration and discovery.

We are currently beta testing and are looking for a few LAM patients to use this tool for up to 2 weeks and provide feedback on user experience and what key pieces would be important for you to track. With your participation we can tailor this tool to be unique to LAM patients. If you are interested, please email heather@LAMHealthProject.orgbeta test group image