First Diagnosis

Receiving a diagnosis of Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM) can be difficult and can quickly trigger a wide range of feelings. It is quite common for one to feel any of the following: disbelief, fear, anger, confusion, being overwhelmed, numbness, and loneliness. Every woman copes with her diagnosis differently and it is important to listen to and respect your feelings. You may want to discuss with your loved ones or health care providers how to seek the form of support that is right for you. That type of support may change over time as your needs change.

If and when you are ready to learn more about LAM, we’re here for you.  Our website has up-to-date information that may help you to understand what may be happening inside your body, current research, treatment options, and resources for mental and physical support. If you are interested, we can also tell you about ways to get involved in the race for a cure for LAM. Also, through the LAM Health Project you can learn about how to locate physicians and other providers you may need to help you to address your concerns. You may also refer your providers to these resources. Finally, you can also learn about other women who are coping and managing with LAM and, if you are interested, how to connect with them in person, by phone or by email.  We are here to help. We are working around the clock to find treatment.. You are not alone in your fight.